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Happy Independence Day - SVG 🇻🇨

Salute to the nation of St. Vincent & the Grenadines HAPPY 44th INDEPENDENCE ANNIVERSARY to St. Vincent & the Grenadines, which celebrates today the 27th day of October, 2023.  The word independence means - the fact and state of being independent or self governed. St. Vincentians have come a long way since their fight for independence. It is a happy time for the government and the people and we pray that they will celebrate well.  Prayer for the nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines : Dear Heavenly Father,  We thank You for the beautiful Caribbean isle of St. Vincent & the Grenadines. We thank You for creating our island and for giving us the chance to live on it. We thank You for Your protection from day one, up to our present day and for the protection that You will continue to give to all who live and dwell on this beautiful archipelago. We are conscious of the care and love that You have poured upon us LORD, in the way that You have not allowed our nation to fall ap

Broken Dreams

Worthless, shameful, bastard, good for nothing Echoing through my head Pitiful, Anger, Rage, I hate you bursting through my soul Oh how I wish for this to end Won't I ever feel good again? But I just can't help the way I feel; Because of those words they hurl at me My dreams have become like broken sticks I look around and all I see are people making fun of me; Who is she, she'll never make it, her life will never change Am I just another victim of the system? I asked myself that day. Who said that? Who told you those things about me? Did it come from you or did my creator tell you so? The one who made you and I have better things to say  As he knows what I was created to do So don't judge me by the suit I wear, or the materials that I do not have because my life is worth far more than what you can imagine or think,  It can never be measured or calculated by the instruments of men,  Only God can determine my life according to

Baba We're In Your Presence

All honour, all glory, all praise, all thanksgiving and all worship be unto his majesty, the Lord of all Lords who reigns forever and ever. His name shall be lifted up high above the activities of men and the things that take our attention away from him each day. May we be the people who desire to live in his presence and seek him with our whole being. For in him there is newness of life and in him there is no shame at all. All shackles of this life are easily broken and there is freedom in the souls of them who put their trust in the Lord.  Broken relationships are mended and marriages never loose their value to those who dwell in his presence daily. Here is a song to bless your heart and to bring peace to your soul today. Baba by Sonnie Badu Baba we're in your presence, let it rain Oh your rain, let it fall on me We're in your presence, let it rain Oh your rain, let it fall on me We're in your presence, let it rain Oh your rain, let it fall on me W


Greetings and special welcome to everyone! Daughter of Zion is here to encourage women all across the earth to fulfill the purpose to which they have been called. We are constantly struggling to find our place in this world and are also seeking for fulfillment and a peace of mind. However, some of us are yet to begin our journey of knowing what we really want and need in this life. Sometimes, it takes a lot from us to figure out how to begin our lives and how to make things work for us. Life is not always as it seems and so creating more avenues to ease the pressure of life has become quite necessary for many of us. With this in mind, Daughter of Zi on will be the light to the path for many, despite the circumstances or situations that we are faced with on a daily basis. We will be that source of encouragement that you need each day, letting you know that you can make it, no matter what your economic status, educational level, social standing, political affiliation, ethnicity, cu

Beautiful Flowers

We are like beautiful flowers of God's garden Our colours, our lifestyles and our natural experiences in life a re all different from each other.... But one thing is sure and that is our strength, We can move mountains when we put our minds to it, No matter what pressure we are faced with and our backs maybe against the wall, there is always an extra strength that rises up within us to get things done Day by day we focus our attention on meeting the needs of our friends and loved ones We do our best to make them happy; sometimes even at the sacrifice of our own needs But God is good and merciful, his love towards us is great, his arms are always ready to receive us when we call So now I call you mighty woman of God, it doesn't matter where you have have been or what you have done; it doesn't matter to him at all. His love for you is endless and his grace is sufficient enough for you, despite the many times you've fallen and felt like giving up. He will ne

The Cry For Love

Bless the Lord Oh my soul and all that is within me. I will bless his holy name. For he is the rock of my salvation and the God in whom I will trust. I thank him for this morning and the many mornings in times past when he woke me up by his spirit and placed a song in my heart to sing.  There is nothing greater than the love of God and it is most glorious when it is demonstrated by his people. So many persons are looking for love today. They try to connect with everything and anything that they believe will offer them that feeling of being loved. But real love can only be expressed through persons who have experienced it for themselves. And this experience is attained when one has found the love of the Almighty God who reigns forever.  His love is the expression of Jesus Christ the only begotten son of the father, who sacrificed himself for all of us so that we don't have to die a premature death in sin. (Premature death is when one dies before fulfilling their purpose or

My Weekend Was A Blast!

Had the most wonderful time yesterday with my extended family, members of the assembly where I attend. The impact of the word of God was very powerful and enlightening. I truly give God all the praise, and all that is due to his majesty for allowing such experiences to take place in my life. Here are some photos of the beautiful scenery that I enjoyed with my loved ones.                                          View of Pigeon Island from the Gros Islet Beach For more beautiful photos from my day out yesterday, please visit  Facebook Page  and hit LIKE to receive all of the updates and other posts that are not mentioned on this site.  Thanks in advance. May you be blessed always!


Tonight as I was about to take rest, I hear the words of the song ' Healer ' playing in my spirit. It is such a sweet moment when our being becomes fully saturated with the presence of God, that it overflows continuously with hymns, psalms and spiritual songs. That moment is so heavenly, so divine that we find ourselves wanting more and more. There is the longing for that experience to grow deeper and deeper each time. His love then surrounds us and immediately all pain, all hurt, all anguish begins to fade away. The only thing that matters then is the greatness of The One who died to set us free from sin and all unrighteousness.  He is the everlasting Father and Saviour of our souls. There is no one greater than him, The Omniscient Lord. The song ' Healer ' brought such sweet memories his presence to me. The times when he healed me from all brokenness, anxiety and the confusion that used to linger in my head. Now I am delivered, healed and basking in the love

The Secret

I met God in the morning When the day was at its best, And his presence came like sunrise Like a glory within my breast. All day long the presence lingered All day long he stayed with me; And we sailed in perfect calmness O'er a very troubled sea. Other ships were blown and battered, Other ships were sore distressed; But the winds that seemed to drive them Brought to us a peace and rest. Then I thought of other mornings, With a keen remorse of mind, When I too, had loosed the moorings, With his presence left behind. So I think I know the secret Learned from many a troubled way; You must seek God in the morning If you want him through the day.                                ~ Ralph S. Cushman                                   


Today I sit here pondering about what I should do and what I should say. Many things come to mind, each thought sounds inspiring. But then, as I started to write, I become utterly consumed with a deep longing to give God praise and thanks for giving me this opportunity to manage this blog and all the many wonderful things that he has given me, is giving me and will continue to give me to share with you. I feel truly blessed and excited to share with all of you the insights, testimonies and all other wonderful stories that you will come to know and understand when you visit this site. My prayer is that you be inspired daily to progress and move forward in life fulfilling the destiny that you were appointed to have. Stand tall today, lift your head up and know that there is someone greater than all the greats out there who is looking after you each and everyday. And in spite of all that you are seeing and hearing, negativity, lawlessness and all manner of ill-will taking place in so