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It's Time To Rebuild

It's time to rebuild is the theme from a Women's Ministries Convention held on October, 2022.  Below is an exhortation / encouragement to all women and any individual who come across this post. I pray that the eyes of your heart will be opened to understand these words and follow through with whatever the Spirit of the LORD will say unto you.  Nehemiah 2:17 This theme is extraordinary in that it is given at such a time as this when our lives, family, nation and communities are at crossroads while some are either at a standstill or going on a steady decline. In order for a rebuilding to take place there must have been a destruction, a disaster, catastrophe or any other peril so grave that removed or overturned the good and proper systems of existence. Not much is being said about the roles that we need to play or the responsibilities that we need to take in order to save our world. Some persons have already concluded that our world does not need saving, their solution instead i