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My Sister, My Friend

Whose to blame when things go wrong between us When you no longer think of me with beautiful thoughts of love And your heart seems puffed up with resentment and anger... a river waiting to explode You were a sweet and gentle girl with the eyes of a student And suddenly the days changed you into arrogance and steel Who can mend the nets of adversity that lay against us Who can stop the feud that brews across our shores Only the Healer, the Redeemer of mens souls He can take what is and make it not Fires started may want to spread their fury upon our world but Only the Keeper of the flame can put them out or stand within , To keep us from the experience of the burn One thing is certain and that I'm confident of - My God Elohim will never leave us comfortless, nor will he forsake His own His words are true to the very end so my trust remains in His love And the power of His grace Love and peace to all sisters and friends who share the bond of sisterhood. Faith, Hope, L

I Know You Love Me

I know You love me the way You show me Your love, You sent Jesus to die instead of me, He didn't deserve it because He knew nothing about living in sin Yet He agreed to be the exchange student in my place Oh Jesus, Elohim, Emmanuel I give You praise Thank You for showing me the way, the truth and life I know You love me because You show responsibility in taking care of me You are not here in person but I can feel You near me - the power of Your grace The one You sent to stand by me is doing such an awesome job in me He makes me understand the love You have for me Oh what an amazing friend and teacher, my comforter Holy Spirit, You show me love Jesus Christ, You are my true love Abba Father, You have the greatest love and You gave it all to save someone like me Let my heart rejoice, let my heart sing of Your wonderous love, Let my soul dance and my feet exalt You for who You are You are Love The greatest love I ever had in my life is You The sweetest feelings that