Broken Dreams

Worthless, shameful, bastard, good for nothing
Echoing through my head
Pitiful, Anger, Rage, I hate you
bursting through my soul

Oh how I wish for this to end
Won't I ever feel good again?
But I just can't help the way I feel;
Because of those words they hurl at me
My dreams have become like broken sticks

I look around and all I see are people making fun of me;
Who is she, she'll never make it, her life will never change
Am I just another victim of the system? I asked myself that day.
Who said that? Who told you those things about me?
Did it come from you or did my creator tell you so?
The one who made you and I have better things to say 
As he knows what I was created to do

So don't judge me by the suit I wear, or the materials that I do not have because my life is worth far more than what you can imagine or think, 

It can never be measured or calculated by the instruments of men, 
Only God can determine my life according to his will.
And now that I know about his love 
My life is more meaningful each and everyday. 

Special, wonderfully made, unique, beautiful
Echoing through my head
Hopeful, peaceful, sound mind, I love you
Now bursting through my soul

Let me soar on your eternal wing
And be one with you Oh God;
That I may find rest from the swords that want to pierce my soul
Let me not live in anguish, let me not die in pain;
For I have accepted you as the Saviour and Lord of my everything
And now I am happy I am ready to dream again!


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