Greetings and special welcome to everyone! Daughter of Zion is here to encourage women all across the earth to fulfill the purpose to which they have been called. We are constantly struggling to find our place in this world and are also seeking for fulfillment and a peace of mind. However, some of us are yet to begin our journey of knowing what we really want and need in this life. Sometimes, it takes a lot from us to figure out how to begin our lives and how to make things work for us. Life is not always as it seems and so creating more avenues to ease the pressure of life has become quite necessary for many of us.

With this in mind, Daughter of Zion will be the light to the path for many, despite the circumstances or situations that we are faced with on a daily basis. We will be that source of encouragement that you need each day, letting you know that you can make it, no matter what your economic status, educational level, social standing, political affiliation, ethnicity, cultural heritage or family traditions are. You are capable of surviving and overcoming all obstacles and all other issues that may come in your way to prevent you from being the woman that you are supposed to be.

May you be blessed in your coming in and in your going out all the days of your life forever.

Daughter of Zion!


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