Happy Independence Day - SVG 🇻🇨

Salute to the nation of St. Vincent & the Grenadines HAPPY 44th INDEPENDENCE ANNIVERSARY to St. Vincent & the Grenadines, which celebrates today the 27th day of October, 2023.  The word independence means - the fact and state of being independent or self governed. St. Vincentians have come a long way since their fight for independence. It is a happy time for the government and the people and we pray that they will celebrate well.  Prayer for the nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines : Dear Heavenly Father,  We thank You for the beautiful Caribbean isle of St. Vincent & the Grenadines. We thank You for creating our island and for giving us the chance to live on it. We thank You for Your protection from day one, up to our present day and for the protection that You will continue to give to all who live and dwell on this beautiful archipelago. We are conscious of the care and love that You have poured upon us LORD, in the way that You have not allowed our nation to fall ap

The Cry For Love

Bless the Lord Oh my soul and all that is within me. I will bless his holy name. For he is the rock of my salvation and the God in whom I will trust. I thank him for this morning and the many mornings in times past when he woke me up by his spirit and placed a song in my heart to sing. 

There is nothing greater than the love of God and it is most glorious when it is demonstrated by his people. So many persons are looking for love today. They try to connect with everything and anything that they believe will offer them that feeling of being loved. But real love can only be expressed through persons who have experienced it for themselves. And this experience is attained when one has found the love of the Almighty God who reigns forever. 

His love is the expression of Jesus Christ the only begotten son of the father, who sacrificed himself for all of us so that we don't have to die a premature death in sin. (Premature death is when one dies before fulfilling their purpose or destiny that they were created for). If God did not love us, he would not have given his son up to endure such cruelty, torture and even death, in hope that we would accept his love and return our love to him also. 

Being the God that he is, all knowing, all seeing and all powerful, he knew that there will be a company of people who understand his love. He knew that there will be people who will want this type of love because the love of man and things fail and can never compensate for the emptiness that over-shadows our humanity like never before.

The longing that you feel for acceptance and freedom from the inner turmoil that seems to overwhelm you from time to time, is crying out from within you for this unconditional love. The greatest love, the love that is found in one place only and supplied from one source only.

May you experience this love today. Your life will never be the same again!♥


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