1st day of the Week in Worship

Heavenly Father, hallowed be Your name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Help us on this day to come into Your presence with thanksgiving and to join other fellow believers in hymns of praise and adoration. As we kneel before You our Maker, give us joy in worship and help us to declare before all the people that You are the mighty and forgiving God. Help us to give You all the glory and all the honor that is due to Your most Holy name. We pray God that You will accept the offerings of our hands and use our gifts in the service of our congregation and of Your church everywhere. 

Fill our Pastors and Church leaders with a rich measure of Your grace. Help them to speak Your word courageously and convincingly, so that the hearts of the hearers may be drawn closer to You. Help Your servants to speak with power as You send Your Holy Spirit into the hearts of people everywhere so that men will hear and believe. We pray that every heart that hears Your spoken Word will repent and be saved from sin and damnation. Multiply the number of believers among us mightily and give them the courage to confess You before all people. Give us and the congregations the grace to believe and teach Your Word in its true meaning and help me and all believers of Your Gospel to pattern our lives accordingly. By Your Holy Spirit make us pure in heart and mind. Help us to worship You in the beauty of holiness and give us the ability to remain steadfast and unmoveable in word and deed. We desire to continuously seek and please You Father. Above all else give us the life of peace and serenity that will never run dry. 

Gracious Father, we thank You for the blessings of Your Word through which new strength and comfort have come to us today. Keep us in Your care and help us daily to rejoice in the forgiveness of our sins and in the new life and salvation that we have in You. Oh Jesus, keep us and protect us tonight also strengthen us for tomorrow and the balance of the week so that we may serve You Lord and the people around us cheerfully and extraordinarily. Lord Jesus Christ we are so grateful for Your holy and innocent suffering and death upon the cross of Calvary. We are most thankful for Your resurrection on that third day when You gave us victory over death, hell and the grave. You are so good Lord that You lead us daily with Your mighty hand as the good Shepherd throughout our days. 

We thank You Lord that by the power of Your Holy Spirit, You have daily loaded us with Your benefits. We thank You for keeping us in Your saving faith and strengthening our love and trust in You, so that we may walk humbly and circumspect, serving You with a noble and contrite heart. May Your Holy angels watch over us and all those near and dear to us. We appreciate You for the gift of a peaceful and quiet sleep as well as a healthy and joyful awakening tomorrow. We know that You are with us even to the end of this age. So we will continue to praise You Lord and worship You in spirit and in truth all the days of our lives. You are the greatest Lord and You will forever be the greatest in all the earth. Abide with us Lord Jesus forever and ever. Amen!


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