Who is like the Lord? Can we find anyone else like Him in all of the earth? Can we compare anyone or anything with Him?


For our Great God Almighty Jehovah, King of Kings and Lord of Lords is absolutely outstanding in everything that He says.....
He is untouchable in everything that He does and super-magnificent in all that He is!
As He was in times past so is He in present and He will be forever!

The wonder of Your majesty Lord is completely amazing
Your designs, Your plans, Your skills, Your handiwork are all so marvelous to see
You are above and beyond fabulous and any other word we can find
To describe Your wisdom and intelligence
How you do it all Lord, no one knows it and neither can anyone explain it
For you cannot be summed up or calculated by scientific means
As the depth, height, length and breadth of You is too vast for our human philosophy and ideologies to reason out

Thus we can bodly say that our God is just to powerful for mans limitations,
He cannot and will not be silenced no matter what force we apply upon the earth or anywhere else in the galaxy and entire universe
He will be heard, His voice will break the noise of many waters
He will shatter the shields of brass and steel that act as a covering of protection against His words.
The Lamb will not cower from the roar of any lion... He is also the Alpha Lion and will stand to roar in Zion against all foes and enemies of the cross ....
He stands undefeated in glory in raiments of splendor and majesty
Oh how marvelous He appears to those who wish to know Him in spirit and in truth
Who then can stand beside Him to share in His name and inheritance? - he that has a clean hand and a pure heart shall be able to stand with Him forever!
And He will receive all those who are ready to know and walk with Him in paradise!


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