Fulfilling The Purpose And Commission

On the verge of fulfilling the purpose and commission that God has given? Distractions in various forms show up. Why? That you be delayed for some time or forever which will eventually cause the adversary to think that he is winning. Because at that moment of delay you are not able to defeat his strongholds, barricades or whatever else he has been using to wage war against you.

Your strategy: Prayer! How? Pray that the eyes of your understanding may be enlightened to behold the works that the adversary has been using against you. And pray that the wisdom of our Heavenly Father be endowed in you to make the necessary decisions that would free you completely from those distractions and other traps/snares that he has been using against you!

Now walk off in freedom from the power and control of delay in Jesus name! And set your mind to maintain that walk of freedom again in Him, which will cause you to continue on the path of fulfilling the purpose and commission that God has given to you!


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