Happy Independence Day - SVG 🇻🇨

Salute to the nation of St. Vincent & the Grenadines HAPPY 44th INDEPENDENCE ANNIVERSARY to St. Vincent & the Grenadines, which celebrates today the 27th day of October, 2023.  The word independence means - the fact and state of being independent or self governed. St. Vincentians have come a long way since their fight for independence. It is a happy time for the government and the people and we pray that they will celebrate well.  Prayer for the nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines : Dear Heavenly Father,  We thank You for the beautiful Caribbean isle of St. Vincent & the Grenadines. We thank You for creating our island and for giving us the chance to live on it. We thank You for Your protection from day one, up to our present day and for the protection that You will continue to give to all who live and dwell on this beautiful archipelago. We are conscious of the care and love that You have poured upon us LORD, in the way that You have not allowed our nation to fall ap

Lord! A Prayer of Supplication

Lord guide our footsteps so that we'll remain on the right path... The road gets rough and bumpy at times and other paths seem less strenuous from time to time.... Help us not to slip or slide into the wages of sin or the traps and snares that have been covered up and hidden from us.

Lord we need Your direction in our heart and mind least our soul run aground from the pounding of the overwhelming waves of life.... Help our decisions to be stable and righteous, for it is not our desire to be like a yo-yo in the hands of our adversary.

Lord keep our tongue from speaking evil and our lips from speaking guile.... in the midst of anger, temper flares up and who knows the agitation that pushes scorn to burn an entire field to the ground... Help us to bridle this member and to saddle it in place with Your words.

Lord we need you to dwell in us each day.. make a home of constant habitation from the corners of our life to the depths of our being... because a day without You is a flat day. One that is boring and lonely without Your voice, Your touch, Your warmth of love, joy and peace.

Lord! Our Lord Jesus Christ forever!


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