He is the all completing God
The one I've found to be true
The one who has accepted all our faults and wicked deeds,
Yet He freed us from condemnation and gave us Salvation in our time of need....

Men's eyes are always watching anxiously waiting for a fall
Sometimes they spend many hours plotting, making plans throughout the night
And when you least expect it, your walls come crumbling down in sight...

How can men be so heartless and cruel to other men?
Must we feed on each other's misery until there is no more hope for them
Sometimes we act as cannibals who eat in silence and pretend that all is well when our faces are clean after ten...

Who then completes you and who can understand our being?
Who then can love you and honor you with a price far above gems?
The all sufficient God, the one who fashioned all parts of the body and has made all living things around us,
He knows about our malfunctions and He knows when we are doing exceedingly well...

So trust the maker of your sunshine and the mighty power who scatters the foaming seas,
His desire is to complete you and to let His glory be seen...
The complete package is waiting for you to make Him your Lord and Friend indeed!


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