The More I Get To Know You

The more I get to know you,
The more I want to spend time with you
And awakening stirs from the depths of my soul;
Which cannot be stilled or quenched
I know not where it will reach its end or what will happen on my journey to your world
But I know that to fall short of this destiny would be the anguish of my hopes and dreams
Your Spirit draws me nearer, pulling me, tugging me gently to follow after the One who holds my tomorrow, the Key to our Salvation

I will throw myself into your embrace, willingly letting go of  everything that has weight to pull me down,
Your peace will quiet very billow and all the raging waters that rises up against us,
Your people will praise your name forever Almighty God,
And we gladly hail you as the King of all Kings

We cry out to you Oh Lord, be pleased with our worship,
Be pleased with our songs, for the more we get to know you, the more we grow inlove
Your presence we will cherish, your name we adore
Jehovah God our Healer, Present Helper in the time of storm
Now life gets more exciting because the more I get to know you,
I realise that your love will keep me strong!


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