Mid Year Praise And Appreciation

Oh Lord our God, we thank You and we exalt You for being with us today,
You are the Wonderful God who reigns forever and ever
We thank You for bringing us thus far to this present date in time and 
We thank You for allowing so many blessings to fall our way,
Your rain falls on the just and on the unjust, the guilty and the free, 
The righteous and the unrighteous; this is living proof that You are the merciful God
When men get tired and weary of each other and their empathy grow cold;
Yet You Oh Lord stay warm and loving with Your kindness and everlasting love that flows boundless from age to age.
It washes over the surfaces, cracks and crevices of our soul;
Your love never gets cold and it is just perfect for us each day

Trials and tests, temptations and tribulations have not been able to hinder You LORD from loving us
Though humanity failed and has fallen short of glory, Your beauty and Your splendour lasts forever,
So we cling to Your garments oh Lord our God, we cling to Your garments today. 
It is the mid year period and many of us have not yet accomplished what we have set out to do in 2013
But we know and believe in You, we know that You can still help us, You are more than able to do so
Therefore, we will rely upon Your strength and Your power to get things done, for You have given us the power to prosper and the will to fight and resist the darkness.

'Help us now' is our desire from this day unto the end of our journey;
Keep our soul from the evil way and the wickedness of sin that encroaches continuously at the door
We drive them away in Your name 
And we wash ourselves with Your word so that our garments will remain white on Your chosen path.

We thank You once again Holy One of Israel, El Elyon, our Adonai
Your love is much more than anything money can buy
We praise you forever in Jesus name!


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